Monday, March 12, 2007

Warm and Wooly

This cardigan I finished a couple months ago. It's Rowanspun/Chunky. The pattern is from an old Reynolds flyer I think. It's actually supposed to be one of those sweaters that goes down to your thighs and you wear leggings or tight thingy's with it! NOT ME! So, I cut the length. I really liked the patten just for the cables and the hood. The cables are around the sleeve cuffs, waist and where the raglan sleeves meet the sweater body. Check out the buttons. I bought a sweater at the Goodwill that was cotton and worn out but I only wanted the buttons. They look like clay and handpainted. They were a perfect find! The yarn has a tweedy look with blue flecks. I'm pleased with it and wear it often. This blog picture taking must be an art cause I'm still learning. I can only hope to be as good a photographer as some of you fabulous knitters out there who also take awesome pictures!

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Kary said...

Love that sweater!! Where did you find the pattern? I am looking for a longish cardigan! HUGS!