Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric hunt this weekend

I'll be on the hunt for upholstery fabric this weekend for this beautiful old chair. I couldn't buy a new chair made as well as this or one more unique. I hope I can find something suitable and in a vintage style too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

More snow.......

The snow is still falling today. Beautiful as it is the snow does cause problems, traffic accidents, power outages both of which can cause the demise of the innocent. That's the tragic part. I read in our local paper this morning that a man and his son were killed on I-81, hit by a truck as they stopped to help another driver! Very sad, do keep this family in your prayers.

My concern in my own little world outside my house is my Blue Spruce! I've been trying to keep the branches cleaned off so the weight will not break them. My Dogwoods are heavy too and much older that the Spruce. In the photo you can see a very large Pine tree fell yesterday morning. And that's before still much more snow! It's directly across from our house on a steep hill that is quite the attraction for sledding. Fortunately the tree is not in the way of everyone having fun.
The last snow we had a leak inside the house due to some ice that formed on the roof preventing the melt off to run in the proper direction. It pooled instead and came through the roof into a closet! Not horrible and relatively easy to remedy (my oldest son climbed out and knocked off the ice) but can potentially happen again. Now, in the spring we have a closet that needs painting! With utility bills rising and money tight for many I sure hope no one encounters more 'fixit' situations as a result of the snow.
Yesterday I went for a long walk around my block and down the alley through freshly fallen snow. No tracks but mine. Fun! I came to what looked like in the distance a fallen tree but then realized it was tall Bamboo heavily laden with snow. I stood under it and gave it a shake and they popped back up to their tall stature and I was left covered with snow. I felt like a kid! Good for me since I was feeling better after a migraine the day before. I think another walk is in store for today! I think too I need another try at a snow angel since this ones wings didn't move.

One down and one to go....

With this crazy weather and the fact that I lost a pair of mittens recently I needed a new pair. This was an interesting pattern called, "Manly Mitts" another creation from Summer 05. The cuffs I changed a bit and did a K1tbl, P1 instead of the K2, P2. I really like how the knit stitches stand out when you Ktbl. Obviously black is hard to photograph and you can't see the cuffs very well. I knit the smaller size, it offered two sizes thinking a small mans mitt might be just fine but it's snug. I hope it stretches a bit if I block them.
A friend recently made a funny comment. "Can you imagine the winter we would be having if it weren't for global warming?" Here in Southwest VA we have had more snow this winter than in the past 20 years I think and even snow in December which is really rare. Anyway these mittens prompted using my favorite mug to photograph them!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Really a Hat ...........

My hands needed a break from the Aran sweater I'm knitting soooo ..............I have one of these already but wanted a different color. I like wearing them instead of a hat. The pattern is called, Calorimetry found at knitty in the winter issue 2006. Strange word so I looked up the definition, Calorimetry is the science of measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes. Calorimetry involves the use of a calorimeter. The word calorimetry is derived from the Latin word calor, meaning heat. Now you know the 'rest of the story'!