Saturday, September 29, 2007

Made to Ravelry!

Yesterday! It's quite an operation offering a lot to us crazy obsessed knitters. If you want to find me I am 'Knitegtrity'. Let me explain! It's misspelled! I hate that. How did that second 't' get in there? It's supposed to be 'Knitegrity'. I know it's my fault that I didn't see the typo. I have emailed Casey and begged for help so we'll see. I liked the name before this happened. Leave a comment with how I can find you on Ravelry if I haven't already!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Spinning to Knit..........

How about this for the yarn I'm spinning? Sivia Harding pattern called, Victorian Shoulderette. She has wonderful patterns. Check them out! I've ordered from her before and she is so very friendly. I don't think gauge will matter. (Is that what we all say?) If anything my yarn might be a tad heavier than the fingering or sport weight it calls for. I think it'd be fine even in a worsted.

Back to Spinning............

Not that I've stopped spinning but last night I purposed to finish up something. Here is 'Meridian's Rainbow" wool that I started a few months ago. I've till got 2 bags of about 4 oz. each to go but at least one's finished. I don't have a plan as yet for the finished yarn. Perhaps a smaller shawl or caplet. It's not a laceweight. It might turn out to be a sport weight. I don't usually gravitate to blues but I a trying to expand my color horizons!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still frogging...........

Well, not my bag but other important pieces of knitting. I wanted to knit a Sivia Harding scarf for a certain person. I'd already knit the pattern so this would be the second. (first scarf I used a fingering weight) So I tried some Kid Merino/Mohair by Crystal Palace. The pattern called for Rowan Kidsilk Haze so it's definitely comparable. It also has beads. All good except I hate mohair!!! Gosh, this stuff was the thread from H E L L. Sorry but it wasn't for me. I love the color, love the feel of the skein but knitting with it was not so good. What you see here no longer exists. I had to literally cut it off the needles! The yarn wouldn't go over the join area well at all. I also learned I would need pointier needles! I was told by Knitnana that I needed Addi Lace Needles. She ought to know!

So, I find something else that I have on hand. Yes, I am trying so hard to use up stash. I get out this Berroco called Sprite, it's ancient! It's cotton, rayon and nylon, colorful and kinda hairy in it's own way. In fact the 'threads' sticking out all over it was a nuisance. I knit about 25 rows, my beads won't work either and I might not have enough yarn since I'm using a size 8! Stop laughing!!!! Back to square one. I do have some fingering weight Peruvian alpaca/silk in a camel from Elann. That will work because the first scarf I knit was in a camel too but different yarn, Lorna's Laces! Twice is a charm, right? I start knitting that one earlier today and BANG, it occurs to me that the person this is for is not gonna like 'camel' at all. She's too flashy for that color. So after this post publishes I am off to Knitpicks for SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK and hopefully works with beads I already have too!

The Kid Mohair is soon to make it's way across these United States to Ericah's Apparently she has more patience than I do and I am more than happy to pass it on to a good home! 2 skeins flying to San Francisco!!! Wasn't that fun? And it didn't even involve a contest!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On a frogging note.....'d think a second time knitting the same thing that you'd breeze through it! Well, not so with my Mission Falls bag #2. Just silly mistakes but it's kill'n me!! 2 more rows last night of colorwork was ripped and remember started over twice while on vacation. I am vowing, No More! This will be smooth going from now on like the first bag was! The colors are a sage green and black. It will be nice when finished, if ever!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Desktop American Flag!

Check this out! I think you'll want one too. I've got mine.
DeskFlag. A daily reminder of who I am!
*Remember before going to bed tonight to pray for the families touched by 09/11/01 and continue to pray for our great nation.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nellie's glad we're back!

Are all vacations wonderful?

I'm sure there are vacation horror stories but my guess is that most are indeed wonderful. We go to Sunset Beach a nice quiet non-commercial beach north of the very commercial Myrtle Beach. Sunset is actually in North Carolina. It was our 7th year and we stay in the same house too.

As for knitting. I did a lot of frogging!!! Mainly because I just didn't read directions but I won't go into all that. I did progress on the left front of my Karabella cardigan and the top of another Mission Falls bag. Most of my knitting was done on the screened in front porch.

Reading: I finished a great book! "Follow the River" by James Alexander Thom. It's an historical fiction about the true ordeal of Mary Draper Ingles of the New River Valley a place about an hour from me. This woman was kidnapped by Shawnee Indians in 1755. She escaped and found her way home. Amazing story. Every page was exciting, really!! Adventure stories are probably my favorite. I did most of my reading on the beach.

How about some pictures!

Sunrise at Sunset Beach!

This is the path we take to the beach each day. I'm walking back to the house so the ocean is behind me. All we have to do is cross the street to this path and the oceanfront is right at the end. I love the rustic feel of this place. We see frogs and lizards among the tall grasses.

One of the most exciting things I saw was a single sea turtle make it's way from the nest to the ocean! It was about the size of a newborn's foot! So cute. Several people were standing around watching and giving cheers to 'Tina' the baby sea turtle. The next night, last night, and I was home by then but they were going to excavate and help the others along too. I bet that's a site to see hundreds at once!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thank you, thank you, I'm off.....

to the beach with ALL my knitting that is currently on needles. I was going to take the Icelandic Shawl with me but the cast on is 339 stitches so that will wait. I'm not up for counting!
Thanks to all with the great advice, you showed no restraint and neither will I!
Have a great week!