Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cute, but the problem is ...

They're not my size! I did follow the directions. It said Women's medium but these might fit a 5 yr old! I used Paton's which I think is the best yarn for felting. I don't like to see any stitch definition and I let it go through an entire wash. Not going to check it every few minutes! So, I guess I'll try again later and knit them much larger. I should have taken an unfelted photo. They were big! Oh, the pattern is called 'Fuzzy Feet' and I found it at Knitty

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Skill ...... I hope!

Simple embroidery. I don't know many fancy stitches yet but I'd like to learn. I have a couple books to help. This one is just a running stem stitch. I found the pattern here NeedleCrafter.I've done embroidery before but never really kept it up. I ordered the large flour sack towels from AmericanChairStore. I know it doesn't sound like a place for dishtowels but these are really nice ones and perfect for this purpose. I want to use these and not just hang them for looks!

I'll have a knitted finished project very soon!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My first Fiber Festival

It was today at Sedalia Lots of vendors with lots of fiber of all sorts and handspun, hand-dyed yarns, rovings, weaving, etc. And what did I forget but my checkbook!!! Had some cash but would have gotten something else from Dee Dee at Rivanna River Farm in Ruckersville, VA. She had the most beautiful Alpaca yarns I've ever seen and fondled! I was able to get some roving from her in browns and cream, quite lovely.
I also bought from Yarn Theory a skein of Koigu at half price and a skein of Claudia Handpainted sock yarn also at half price because they were their last of those dye lots I guess. I can add them in socks!
My favorite purchase was a pair of woven wool mittens from Kim Harrison, Fiber Arts (no website) in Moseley, VA. She was quite the talent and I enjoyed talking with her.
This was the only picture I took. A wee little one waiting to be sold.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the Winner Is ...............

Me! Thanks to Junie Moon I received this wonderful surprise in the mail today! The bag is a Japanese Knot Bag that June made herself! She is quite the seamstress and I love checking her blog daily to see what she's up to. She even included the most dainty fan too.. an oriental flair! (Does she know about hot flashes?) I've decided that the red socks I'm knitting will be carried in this great little tote! So how did this gift land in my mailbox? She just had her 200th blog post and simply ask for comments and later my name was drawn. THANK YOU, JUNE!
My day is brightened!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Summer Knit

This is from Sirdar pattern leaflet #5872 purchased at my local knit shop. It's done in Cabin Fever Tweed a DK weight cotton blend. I love the red with the denim specks. It would be a quick knit if I weren't knitting 7 other things at the same time! Almost finished with the back.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Julie Project

This is Julie, now 6 years old. You cannot begin to imagine what horror she has gone through. She does have a happy ending but many women and children of the Congo do not. Find out more Julie She now lives here in the states. She's happy, she dances and laughs and has a mommy and daddy that adore her. She's an example of what God can do to restore the broken hearted.
What's being done to these women and children and what is being done for them now? Watch this CongoCast

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How about knitted lace trim for a pillow case or something? Just thought I'd give it a try. Size 0 needle with DMC crochet thread size 10. I want to try it in a thinner thread too. The pattern came in the Knitting Daily email yesterday found Lace
In the past I've done some simple filet crochet and would like to do more of that too.
Other knitting ..... I am finishing up a pair of baby socks, my cotton tank, k3,p1 socks in some Regia, and Hedgerow socks in Louet Gems, Wool Peddlers Shawl in Peace Fleece and the Kinsale. And yes, in a weeks time I do knit on all of them!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Does your life really go before your eyes?

You know when some people say that their life went blazing before their eyes at the moment of near death? It didn't happen for me. I was gone all this past week with my daughter finally getting her prosthetic leg (story somewhere below). On our way we had an accident on the interstate. It was raining and we did this : Hydroplaning by a road vehicle occurs when a layer of water builds between the rubber tires of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to the loss of traction and thus preventing the vehicle from responding to control inputs such as steering, braking or accelerating. It becomes, in effect, an unpowered and unsteered sled. That's exactly the feeling 'unpowered', helpless. You literally take off like a plane! All of a sudden, with no warning. We were in the right lane of the interstate, went cross the left into the median and at some point did a couple complete circles and hit a steel cabled fence in the middle of the grassy median and came to a stop but still after hitting the fence and turning again! You can imagine what 2 girls were doing while this was going on ..... screaming! After waiting for the state trooper to come and calling the insurance and my husband we were on our way again to SC, in another vehicle. My husband and son had to drive 2 hours to us and give me another vehicle to use the rest of the trip.

What do you do after something like that? You give all the praise and glory to the Lord for protecting you. I have no doubt His hand was on us. The location had a lot to do with surviving it. The median was very wide and flat, lots of grass. We noticed coming home yesterday where there is little space between the oncoming lanes and where there were no fence at all or where it was a solid type guard rail separating the lanes and the median was narrow. Had it happened elsewhere it would have involved other cars and no happy ending. God is Good! Thank you Lord!