Sunday, March 18, 2007

Soft cotton and homemade soap....Yum!

What blog hasn't had a post or two about dishcloths or washcloths? BUT, I have to say that mine is extra special. As you can see because it is adorned with handmade SOAP! Handmade with love from my friend Catie . I don't know that she has even mentioned this talent of hers on her blog but I am sure blessed to know about it! I bought some from her at Christmas for gifts and then she treated me! Thank you!! I'm loving it.

The yarn is Blue Sky organic cotton of which I actually bought for a top! That didn't work out so I've made a couple pairs of baby booties and now a facecloth. It's perfect or both.
Oh, you're wondering about the doily. I crocheted that some years ago. I'd like to learn more crochet. I know the single and double stitch but I think that's about it. Doilies are special.

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Christine said...

I love homemade soap! There's nothing so wonderful to wash with, except maybe your new washcloth ;)

If you need some help with crochet, I'd be more than happy to do what I can. I've been crocheting for 31 years, and these days prefer to do thread crochet more than anything. I love doilies too!