Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Bit Fancy

This is a 'mac & me' pattern found at simply called #050 Ruffle Scarf. Knit in Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk, sport weight. Seems more like a fingering weight to me but oh so soft! It will look nice with my black wool jacket. The scarf section is a k2p2 rib and since I 'throw' the yarn it makes for a slow knit. I couldn't wait to add the ruffle so I put the working end on a holder and added the ruffle! (pick up stitches on the cast on end) Hopefully soon to be finished.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rosie, seems to want this space whenever I do!!
I was trying to read Nova's blog but she wouldn't let me! If you haven't checked this gals knitting and baking you gotta. Her photos are fabulous too!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Glimpse of What You're Reading

I was tagged by Knackful Knitter with this different sort of game.
Rules are: To open the book I am reading, turn to page 161 and copy the fifth sentence on the page! This definitely gives you a teenie tiny glimpse! So here goes, But what you do sometimes get are choice little annotations that are included to give background to a particular book's subject (and to justify what is often a lofty price. Your glimpse is from Warmly Inscribed, The New England Forger and Other Book Tales by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. I love this couples books!
Now I am to tag 5 others, Here are some readers I know, Abiding, Storybook Woods, Robin (the librarian!), Vaughanville. This is hard you know some folks don't like this sort of thing. I need one more, Textile Fusion(she even writes books!).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Treat Yourself!

I've finished a Horseshoe Lace Linen Washcloth by Theresa Gaffey Designs just for me. Pictured here with wonderful soaps by my friend Catie. The yarn is Euroflax Linen 270 yd. per skein. I've gotten 2 so far and I think there is enough for another although the first wasn't exactly this pattern but similar. I'm sure I can knit one a tad smaller with the yarn I have left. The first one I knit was a Christmas gift for my mom. So far she's using it as a doily because it's, "just to pretty to use"!
Treat yourself to something as simple and elegant as a lacy facecloth. If you are so fortunate to have a friend that makes fabulous soaps, get some!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surgery a success, God is Good and Prayers were Answered

Now we play a waiting game. Several visits back to the doctor for different things and a prosthesis by April. She is doing well and has been a real trouper with a positive attitude. For her first shoes she says she wants Crocs.

Since some of you have asked: black ones so that they go with everything!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feeling Greedy!

I don't normally mention personal stuff but I thought that the more prayer for this situation the better. My 18 yr old daughter is having surgery on Thursday. This takes place at the Shriner's Children's Hospital in Greenville, SC so we will leave tomorrow as it's 6 hours from where we live. She is having her right foot amputated. I know that sounds drastic and it is but this will give her a new normal looking foot (prosthesis). I won't go into details but just say that this is a good decision and she is excited to be able to wear any shoes she wants! She's worn some sort of high-top tennis shoe all her life. I am confident the surgery will go well as this hospital is for orthopedics alone and they do this sort of thing all the time. It's the healing time and adjustment that might be difficult. She will get her prosthesis in 2-3 months so that is a bit of time to wait.
So my greediness is for your prayer's for her. Thank you so very much!
Yes, I am taking lots of knitting and reading along with me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Honoring Someone You May Not Know

I'm sure honoring someone that we don't know can be done in many, many ways. I found a way to honor a woman that has given her life for my freedom at this website The Mother's Day Project Granted it's not much but as I stitched her name I was able to pray for her husband and family members she left behind. This is 1st Lt. Jaime L. Campbell.
She was 25 years old, of Ephrata, Wasington. She was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation Regiment, Alaska Army National Guard, Anchorage, Alaska.; killed Jan. 7 when a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed near Tal Afar, Iraq. She was a pilot in the Army National Guard and a member of the Arctic Eagles of Alaska. Her husband Sam Campbell is a captain in the Army and was in Iraq when she died. Her parents, Miki and Jeff Krausse, live in Ephrata.
I'm honored to have taken part in recognizing Jaime in this small way.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mystery Vest

Since I don't have a good picture of this vest, the back of it at least I'll call it the Mystery Vest. I am hoping you will love how the back turns out. You can see the front in a post below. I am about at the arms of the back. Made lots of progress on a trip yesterday and today. I was a passenger so that gave me lots of knittng time. It's just a K4, P2 pattern. Simple is best sometimes. The yarn is Karabella Soft Tweed. Love it!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Amazing Thrift Store Find!!

No not yarn!!! Look at my beautiful clock! It's a Waterbury Gingerbread Style Clock made by the Waterbury Clock company in Connecticut in the late 1800's. I was in the shop and a lady had it in her basket. I commented to her that she had a really nice clock at a great price. $6.00 Well, she looks at it closer and says it doesn't have a key and did I want it. Well, sure I do. I was thinking that I didn't care if it worked I just wanted to look at it on my mantle. When I got home I set it on the mantle, walked away and later hear a bong, bong, bong....... It works! I set the time and it's been correct now for few hours! I'm shocked!
Find #2 - I found a Longaberger basket 1991 Centennial with the red, white and blue lining and the card that came with it. It was given to me! I was really blessed today! I LOVE THRIFT STORES!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Project Queue Makes for A Happy New Year!

Thank you to Mary who works at my LYS and to Nikki who both read my blog and saw my plight about missing the yarn sale. They emailed me pronto and let me know that indeed I did not miss the sale totally that I still had time. Soooooo, I went yesterday and came home with a few projects. First up is the cutest vest although the picture from the Knit N Style website doesn't show the back which really 'makes the vest'. It's from the Feb. 2006 issue. The collar is a large triangle down the back and ends in a tassel. I bought Karabella Soft Tweed in a rusty orange.

Next up is a cardigan by Classic Elite. It's in a booklet called, "City Park". I'll be using the suggested yarn of 'Sundance' a cotton/microfiber blend in a chocolate brown.

Then a summer top by Sirdar in their leaflet #5872 which is out of print and I can't find it anywhere on the Internet. It's a sleeveless ribbed mock turtleneck. I'll be knitting it with Cabin Fever's Cotton Tweed in cherry red.

I was needing some projects that required a bit less concentration and I could take 'on the go'. My Kinsale is just not that kind of knit. I'll be finished with hubby's sock shortly although I did cast on for that vest last night and I think it will be a quick knit! So there you have it, my sale haul. I'm happy!