Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Baby is sick!!!

Henrietta needs a new engine!! I can't believe it and I am so sad about it because I lack the funds for that right now. I also have a pet peeve about folks keeping cars that don't run parked for indefinite periods of time on the street or on their property. Neighborhood eyesores. Of course she isn't! But I don't want to be one of those people. Most importantly though I want to drive her! Good mileage is a bit important right now, wouldn't you say? She's "my" baby, "my" toy ya know. My little get away thing. My treat. Selfish, your thinking, right? Well, after 5 children and your a bit older you get that way. Ha!
The other downside is that the only $$ I do have in my piggy bank is set aside for a spinning wheel? I was supposed to get a Schacht from someone a month ago but that fell through. Now I am opting for a new Kromski Sonata since Robin is absolutely in love with hers. I know I don't even have to ask for opinions as to which "emergency" to take care of first!! But if you'd like to put a vote in and reasons why I might be able to get an objective idea about this pickle I'm in. Or would I? Maybe I could sell some things on this ole blog to raise funds to take care of both!! Oh Joy!


cate said...

Get the wheel! cate

Christine said...

I say the wheel. I have a soft spot for the older VW bugs, but the wheel is just too good to pass up!

brandilion said...

public transport?

less cars = less pollution
not driving = not spending gas money. something you could spend on yarn!

KnitNana said...

Sorry. I'm going to go with getting the vehicle repaired. The thing with buying a wheel is that then there's the extra expensive of buying more fiber to you're draining down your funds further. Get the car fixed first. Then later you can get the wheel and spend money on the fiber...see?

Sorry, I'm a practical sort.
And while I agree that more cars = more pollution, the reality is we live in a town where the public transportation leaves MUCH to be desired and the "fathers in charge (why is it always the men?)" are unlikely to do anything to improve it. Your vehicle is a relatively fuel efficient one.

Makes more sense to fix it.

elan said...

I totally understand about the car, we're in the midst of a rebuild here & love my old car. Fix it, a wheel can always be bought later, the car will turn into garbage if it sits.