Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Other Pet!

Since I've shared 2 of my darlings with you it's only fair I give a place to our newest member of the pet family. We got Nellie last September. I should say it wasn't a plan at all to get a Greyhound. Our Yellow Lab, Macguyver, had been gone almost 2 years so I thought maybe it was time to get another dog. I wanted a small dog. As you can see some how I missed that! Nellie is great though and has made this place her home quite easily. I hear they are referred to sometimes as the "40 mph couch potato". That's her! I take her to run on Sunday afternoons and she is FAST. It's an amazing thing to watch. Not on the track mind you but in freedom to stop at any time to nudge my hand for some love pats! Then she's a happy girl on her bed or on the couch when I'm not looking!


KnitNana said...

What a sweetie!

Kary said...

She is SO pretty .... Love Nellie's pose - she looks like a queen!

Robin said...

I LOVE Greyhounds!! They are soo gentle. Great scarf in your last post, too!!

Anonymous said...

Now you didn't tell me that you named her in my honor.... get it?? Nellie Road?? ha ha ha

love ya,