Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finished and waiting for winter.

Love the way it turned out. The two tones of Cascade's Eco Wool worked out well. The back is done in a stripe using both colors. I folded the sleeve over so you could see it since I changed the cables from the pattern for the sleeves. It's hard to photograph the dark colors and cables in the tweed yarn. So, now I'm waiting for winter to wear this quite often I'm sure.
Now back to the 3 shawls and another wool sweater I have on needles in various places!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thrift store jackpot!!

It was on my 'Hope to Find Wish List' and it came true today. A Le Creuset cast iron 2 1/2 Qt. pot! It's color is Chestnut Brown which is now discontinued. I bake wonderful artisan crusty bread in my larger Le Creuset and this one will get lots of use as well. Check them out Le Creuset

Another great find is an almost new Bialetti Espresso maker. Came with it's box but lacking the 2 cups and saucers. Bialetti

My new favorite blog

I can't help it. This blog is just full of important information. Maybe it's because I've recently taken up learning to shoot a gun and now own two. What a step for me since a few months ago I never wanted a gun in my home. It's hidden and unloaded so it won't do me a bit of good if an intruder came in so I have to figure that one out. With curious boys it's a challenge.
Check it out Women of Caliber

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sugar or honey?

I've started a collection without really realizing it. I always look for teaspoons when in thrift stores. Nothing fancy and I've only gotten one silver spoon. I love iced tea in the summer so they fit right in. Some are cheap and some from nicer sets. So far I've only duplicated one. The count at this time is only 10 and some I've left behind. It's fun looking!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bread Gadgets

One of the kitchen gadgets I recently found and love is a dough scraper. It's just a small piece of plastic but now indispensable when mixing bread dough of all kids. Also, a bamboo wide spoon or actually a small paddle. I've used that for years. Both pictured here. Rising is a quick loaf of what I call French bread that really isn't other than the shape. In the back is a loaf of potato bread I made a few days ago in my Zojirushi bread machine that is unfortunately now ready for the trash. It has tons of mold!! Yuk! That's the only bad thing about homemade bread is the short shelf life. Everything else about homemade bread is wonderful especially eating it!