Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've been wanting to knit a 'tam' although the pattern I had in mind was a fair isle. Looks like I cheated and knit one much simpler in a solid color! It's still pretty and the fair isle tam is still on my list. Pattern is 'Meret' Mystery Beret by Woolly Wormwood found here Ravelry Link.

The Leaf Lace Shawl by Fiber Trends was knit for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She admired my red shawl that I wore to my sons wedding so much that I decided to knit one for her too. She's in Florida for the winters but I thought she my cozy up with it in the evenings watching TV.
Yarn is 'Peace Fleece' a tweedy worsted weight wool and the color true to the photo.

Classic Elite Twisted Rib Cardigan knit in their 'Sundance' cotton yarn. 3/4 length sleeves are on purpose! I did knit the collar much longer even though it still looks rather normal sized. The pattern is found in their City Park booklet. The button was from a collection of buttons that belonged to my grandmother, my Nana. I only had one and knew that one day I'd have a use for it!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Trashcan Turkey!

You're right! We cook it in an aluminum trashcan. It's wonderful. The pictures reveal the trick. Season your bird. Turn him onto a stake with aluminum foil covering the ground. This time Larry put a pan under him with some beer in it ( a little flavored steam), cover with trashcan and line the top and around the bottom edge with hot coals. 3 hours and your ready for a scrumptious meal. This was our Christmas supper.
He also cooks (traditional for us) breakfast Christmas morning of biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs (my son does those), bacon, coffee and juices. Our older sons that are on their own come over with some of their friends they've grown-up with. It's a fabulous time with all of them gathering annually at our house. I hope their parents are OK with them leaving home and coming to our place for breakfast!!
Before each meal my husband blesses it and prays a prayer of thanksgiving for the birth of our Saviour, His saving grace to each of us and the miracles He's given. And they all said, AMEN!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cats and Knits

Is there something about knitting that just draws cats? Whether it be in yarn form or finished my cats want to be near it! Here's Esther cozying up to a pair of felted slippers knit especially for my husband when he was badly burned this past July. Knit by the giving hands of DANA She had never even met him before but wanted to do this lovely thing for him. My husband wears them but I admit so do I and of course Esther enjoys them too! Thanks Dana!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Vintage Finds .....

Isn't this a very cool bag? Nice
and tall, in excellent shape and old! It comes from a company called, "Flamestead of Vermont" It has a square bottom 6.5”x6.5” and 15” tall. The company a silk screen design business in the late 1940’s was owned by Betty Lake Heald also the designer. Info thanks to the internet! Interesting huh? I'll be using it this spring for my current knitting project.

Cowl or Neck Warmer

Just finished a gift for my sister who fortunately doesn't read my blog! The yarn is's Undyed Merino/Silk superwash. It's super nice too! It's folded over in the photos. It measures about 15 inches long and you can wear it with either end showing on the top. Does that make sense? I added extra yarn over rows at one end. It's a pattern called, "Silken Smoke Ring" by Angela Ho and Flora Young for Ravelry Link or Elann The bottom photo is the pattern model just to show how it's supposed to be worn.