Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TEMARI, Do you know about it?

It's such a beautiful art. I thought I'd share a couple I did a while back. It seems knitting has consumed me and I haven't done anything else but I used to!!!! Check this website for more exquisite Temari . Go to the Temari Ball Exhibition link on the left then click on the individual ones for a close up. You'll be impressed! It's not extremely difficult but not a simple craft either. You can put several in a glass bowl or one on an ornamament hanger or stand a hurricane globe up on its end and put them inside. Something different!!!


Anonymous said...

Alright already... will you quit being so dog-goned multi-talented??


you crochet, you knit, you cross-stitch, and now.. temari too???

wow girl.. you need to slow down and let some of us catch up with you. I've seen Temari a few years ago and thought of trying it..
'thought' that was as far as I got.

You make me want to get busy!
Oh, I AM painting a picture for my sister. I guess I do have that small talent. ;-)

Love ya, sister.

nova said...

Those are lovely! I like the colors and I would imagine you could make them look any way you want...must resist the temptation of a new habit, er hobby...

JenBin said...

Very beautiful!