Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gifting One Sock

This is quite OK for family members, immediate family that live under your roof! The pair will be for my husband. I gave him one finished sock for Christmas and of course he knows the other will follow very soon. These are Elisabeth Zimmerman's Woodmen Socks. I've posted the pair I made for myself a while back. I wear them a lot. I did use a wool/nylon carry along thread at the heel and toe. He even tried them on so I could guestimate the length of the foot.

Knitpicks, Shamrock in color, 'Fitzpatrick'. Used a 7 needle. CO 44 stitches, k2p2 for the pattern. Simple. It's the perfect mainstay wool sock and a quick knit with worsted weight on 6 or 7 needles. The pair I did for myself was on the 6's and for hubby on the 7's.

What did I get for Christmas? I know you knitters might not get too excited but I love this new gizmo! My Zojirushi Bread Machine. A gift to myself actually but of course the whole family benefits. So far it's been great. I've done Whole Wheat and White/Oat/Spelt and it's all wonderfully good. This bread pictured is still hot and I just ate the end piece!

Hubby came through with a gift certificate to my LYS! I found out today that they had a sale on Friday. I'll call tomorrow and hopefully hear that it's still on cause I am just so mad that I missed it. I would have, could have been there! Gee, I just remembered they are closed Mondays and of course it's part of the New Year's Holiday too. I think I missed out. 25% off is quite a bit to know I could have had if I was in the know!


Nikki said...

if it's NOTS I'm 90% sure the sale is going on tomorrow too! Give them a call :)

and mmmm hot fresh bread! what goes better with knitting? ::)

Jenny Raye said...

Yummo! Fresh bread......and what a cool bread maker!