Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12 Christmas Facts for Our Family

I've been tagged by Jody at Gumbo Lily to share my own random 12 facts about Christmas:

1. It's all about JESUS

2. The world has lost sight about the reason for celebration

3. I love Christmas Carols

4. This is our first year for an artificial tree. We usually go cut one down.

5. My sister has given my kids an ornament every year since their birth, always from a place she has traveled.

6. Because of my sisters ornament gifts when my kids have left the nest I might have a bare tree!

7. We have a Koala Bear tree topper. Why? I don't know! We like him.

8. My children open their gifts to one another on Christmas Eve.

9. My husband does Christmas breakfast . Our 2 older sons and their friends always drop by at just the right time!

10. I refuse to travel at Christmas. Celebrating at home is important.

11. We have no outdoor lights. It's an old house and no outside outlet.

12. We gather in our bedroom and read the Christmas Story from Luke before going downstairs to open gifts. It has to be light outside before the kids can wake me up!!

I'll tag Catie and Erica.

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Gumbo Lily said...

I like your 12 Facts of Christmas and I have already sent one set of ornaments (of five) with my firstborn, married son. I've started collecting ornaments of my own because I know one day, my tree will be bare if I don't. Icicles are what I'm collecting now.

Merry Christmas!