Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Satchel Update!

RoseRed said I needed to post a pic of the 'wrong side' of the bag. (I think I may have shown a little too much pride in how good the wrong side looked!) As you can see I still have some ends to weave in!
Also here is the crocheted bottom. I thought it was a really clever way to finish a seam! It was in the instructions not my idea! Wishing I was that clever!


nova said...

What's a little weaving in of ends? the strands look even, I think the inside looks a good as the out!

Rose Red said...

I think that inside looks great! That's what I would aspire to if I ever get up the nerve to do fair isle!

Ends schmends. I think they make a great decorative fringe, albeit on the inside!!

And the crochet edge is very clever. Thanks for showing us the additional pictures!

vanessa said...

wow, your bag is lovely inside and out!

and the karabella sweater is one of my favorite patterns, can't wait to see your progress!

KnitNana said...

Simply gorgeous!

KnitNana said...

oh oh oh! LOVE the Flickr Badge...and while all your photos are gorgeous..(well, you know what I think of the work you do!) - WELL...THAT SHOT OF ROSIE posed over the arm of the chair is just DARLING!!!!
(you know I'd love the siamese cat best, right?)

Jane said...

It's beautiful, Diana! But for your second one, consider knitting it in the round - no side seam, very few ends to run in and you could use a 3-needle bind-off on the bottom, then add the crocheted trim or just crochet it together like this one. Can you tell that I *hate* sewing things together? I'll completely rewrite patterns to avoid having to do seams! {G}

Agne said...

I love this your bag. I have seen it in ravelry and I have found it here. But do not you think, that it would look great also if the "wrong side" would be outside. It looks so nice. :)