Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Merit Badges for YOU!

These are great! If you know anything about Boy Scouting they will make sense. We are a Scouting family. I have 2 older sons that are Eagle Scouts and 2 yet to earn that rank. My husband is a Scoutmaster and has been for over 10 years. I have been a Cubmaster for the past 5 years. All that to share this site I found for MamaMeritBadges There are 'breast feeding', 'story time', and 'diapers' and more. Check the site. (of course not affiliated with Boy Scouts of America!!!) Aren't they fun? How many have you earned?
I think after 5 children of my own and some 40 cubscouts ages 6 to 11 I've earned them all! By the way, Scouting is the best program you can get your boys involved in!!

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lynda said...

LOL!! LOVE the merit badges, speaking as the mother of an Eagle scout who has sewn on MANY a merit badge in her past (and the wife of a former Scoutmaster!). My son (now 21) is actually on the annual 50-mile Sierra backpack trip this week with his old troop, including my brother (also an former member in his youth), and my dad, age 73, who has been the outdoor chairman for the last 30 years!