Sunday, June 15, 2008

I missed out of the local gathering for WWKIP World, Wide Knit in Public Day. They met at a beautiful Duck Pond and had a grand time knitting and spinning. Me, I had no good reason not to go, just didn't BUT I knit. I made great progress on my Karabella Traveling Cables Cardigan, got the collar knit and sewed and the shoulder seams and casted on for the sleeves. It's a rich burgundy unlike the photos. All that after almost giving up and turning it into a vest! I had forgotten to knit in the button holes and wasn't about to take it all out! I have some ideas for the front plackets anyway. Also directions for the collar just did not make sense to me nor to the gal at the knit shop so I did it my way (it turned out fine). My local knit shop encouraged me to press on! Their great gals!

I'm happy with it again and hope the sleeves go fast and I can wear it come the first chilly day in the Fall.


cate said...

Looking Good!!!!


Junie Moon said...

Your cardigan project is gorgeous. We are in the midst of a revolving door of visiting family and my only knitting efforts have been late at night before finally going to bed.