Saturday, April 26, 2008

Traveling Cables Cardigan Update

Making progress. If I would just stick to knitting on one thing until it's finished instead of a half dozen at a time I could make some progress. I think I'm a fickle knitter! Remember my Traveling Cables Cardigan by Karabella? I really want to finish this. I just started the right front yesterday so if I can stick with it I'll be on the sleeves very soon! I love all the cables and will probably wear this one a lot but as far as fun to knit, it's not! I've read other opinions of the pattern and it was a pain to a few others too. Crap!!! As I am typing this I just remembered I've forgotten to add the buttonholes! Looks like it will be a cardigan without buttons! There is supposed to be a buttonhole an inch and half into it. As you can see that is quite a ways back. Nope, not taking it out! Argh!


Jenny Raye said...

Oh no!!! What if you use metal clasps like these or toggles like these? For the toggles you'd need to make a loop out of leather or yarn to go over the toggle to hold the sweater shut. Hope you find something that works out. Maybe even a nice pin at the top?

homespun living said...

The summer cardigan I'm working on calls for either hooks and eyes or buttons and knitted loops - maybe one of these ideas would solve your dilemna.
Deb ~ another 'fickle knitter'