Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heavy wool in summer

Wool Peddlers Shawl. I think everyone has knit one but me. I have refrained because of all the garter stitch. In searching Ravelry I saw some gorgeous ones so I succumbed. I've had this Peace Fleece purchased from Kary at TheKnottySheep for a long time meant for something else that I can't even remember. It's the color Lena's Meadow. A soft sea foam green with flecks of blue and purple. As you can see I am branching out from my personal color world!

On other knits, I am knitting my Kinsale on a regular basis. I also rescued from hibernation the 'Traveling Cables' Karabella cardigan. I was on a roll only to realize a mistake and took out 6 inches last night! I love the softness of this yarn but I have run into a few knots in the skeins and it splits at times. My faith in Karabella is waning! (Remember the 'slubbing' of the Soft Tweed in my vest?)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't knit a wool peddlers shawl. You are in good company!