Sunday, April 13, 2008

Honeybee Stole

My first real lace weight project (I'm rather fond of fingering weight) the Honeybee Stole. Skacel Lace weight Merino in pastel's. Aren't you surprised? I'm doing good at making color changes. It's even got some pink but fortunately for me, not much. Mostly blue and yellow which I love together. So far I've managed the provisional cast-on. Didn't like that. I'm on row 3 and first thing tomorrow I'm going to my local knit shop for some lace needles! Mine are not for lace and they are too long. I think that will help my current frustration. There are these 'winglets' on the ends of some rows where you CO 2 then turn and bind them off. It's using the backward loop cast on which doesn't really bind off well. You'd probably have to go try it before you'd get what I mean. I don't like that particular CO but not many choices doing it at the end of a row. I could try casting on at the beginning of the row then bind them off? Nothing though till I get those needles! Off to finish baby socks, their easy!


Junie Moon said...

I used your link and popped over to see the stole, how gorgeous! I'm not a skilled knitter by any means so I enjoy reading your thoughts about casting on, needle choices, and the yarns you choose. It all helps me learn.

cate said...

I am LOVING the new look of the blog! Loving the fact that the Bug is back! When you comin to get me? c