Saturday, May 5, 2007

WHAT have they done??????

THOUSANDS of rich women were conned by a firm into believing LAMBS were valuable miniature POODLES....................... and the 'rest of the story' is here Article The photo is just plain sad to say the least! Well, that was good for a healthy loud belly laugh!!!

Back to knitting: I am about to frog a sock that is more than half finished. It's just not good. So you do what you have to do and I'm OK with it. I can do better.

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Rose Red said...

That story is hilarious! (and a little sad...)
I haven't received your letter yet but am sure it will be here soon - one of the downsides of living in Australia - not great international post! My email is roseredshoes AT yahoo DOT com DOT au if you'd like to email!