Monday, May 28, 2007

Spun and Knit!

I couldn't just let it sit there! So I had to knit it up. I put it into a center pull ball and knit it double stranded on a 13 needle. It wasn't exactly lace weight you know.
So now what do I have? It's natural, it's rustic, maybe a doily for a mountain cabin? I could felt it and I'd have a coaster for my hot tea or iced tea come the hot days. It also looks like a loofah mitt. Perhaps I should hang it from my wheel as a reminder of spinning firsts!

I got some hints today from another spinner that mostly spins Llama. I even watched her ply. She had knit a beautiful round shawl. Several sections were shades of brown all natural, no dyes. I loved it. So I'll put what I learned into action and surely I'll progress! I also plan to practice drafting with a spindle that should help too.

On the knitting front I am coming along on my summer top and even my Kinsale! Also started Knitty's Monkey socks. The pattern is really great and super easy for such a nice look. Pictures later of socks.


cate said...

It's beautiful! I think you should frame it! cate

KnitNana said...

congrats - I agree, FRAME IT!

Jane said...

I love the grey with the cream color.. Frame it or later on add it to a sweater as a pocket so you can proudly show it off.

Probably Jane said...

Your spinning knits up really well - I'm still at the 'Skeins as pets' stage!

As you progress in your spinning you might want to use it as the first square in a blanket that will act as a diary of your spinning achievements - I might just do the same!