Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just for Summer

Do you ever go looking in your stash for something specific and come away with a totally different project and CO in minutes? This summer top wasn't a real plan it just happened! It's Knitpicks 'ShineSport', 60% Pima Cotton and 40% Modal. Very soft and silky. The pattern is an old Bernat pattern from 1985. I actually did knit this years ago in a red 100% cotton. I still wear it and it's a favorite even though a little faded. I don't wear much blue so I thought to change that! It's knit from CO waist edge to the back leaving only side seams come finishing time! Here it is in progress adorning the already gorgeous flowers that were a gift from my son on Mother's Day. He's a sweetheart!


nova said...

Your tank is going to be dreamily soft knit is Shine Sport. I used it for that turtle I knit and it was so soft and silky feeling. I bet a top out of it will feel like a piece of heaven!

Did you get that wheel together?!

SYLVIE said...

I really like the summer top pattern!

I like the blue yarn you've picked for the new one!

What's the pattern #? I'd like to knit one up myself maybe I could find it online somewhere.

KnitNana said...

Love it! And of course, let's all dive into our stashes and see what we come up with! I started a ripple afghan last night!