Saturday, August 2, 2008

We head back to UVA Medical Center for a skin graft to his right leg tomorrow. Had thought we were on the mend and most places are but they discovered at the check-up on Wednesday that his leg was not healing. The hospital stay is actually longer than for the initial burn so we will hopefully return home in 5-7 days. Then back to normal. This kind of thing can make one appreciate 'routine' and even 'boring' when it comes to everyday life!
Without a doubt the prayers have gotten him through and will continue to do so.


lynda said...

I somehow missed the post when you told us of your husband's accident - I'm so sorry to hear this! God is good and he'll see you all through, and I'm so glad you know this - He's our source of all hope! You're all in my prayers.

Leslie said...

You and your family remain in my prayers! Love, Leslie

Junie Moon said...

I hope things are improving. My thoughts and prayers are still with you all.