Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A miracle maybe?

We are home already! Larry had his skin graft yesterday. We left here Sunday eve. and stayed in a hotel because check-in time at the hospital was 6AM. That 5 day stay the doctors anticipated didn't hold up I guess! We do return on Friday and he is on bed rest with his leg elevated with bathroom privileges on crutches only.

The graft was on his right calf and a small one on the shin. His arms, hands, belly and left leg are now bandage free and he's peeling like crazy! The graft and donor site are still pretty painful but he's got medication for that. We are certainly thankful things are going well and pray for a good report on Friday.

The Lord is at work! He has heard lots of prayer on this man's behalf!!!


cate said...

I am continually amazed at how well Larry is doing!!! THank God! Glad y'all are back! c

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm glad to hear the Good News!


Evan Lineberry said...

i told stuart yesterday i missed you guys and been praying for larry and am sooooo glad that he is recovering like he is - it is AMAZING and cant wait to see you guys at his wedding

Sherry said...

Diana,I'm so sorry to hear what your husband & you have been thru. I haven't been reading blogs as much and just found out via your post on Flickr. I'm glad that things are on the upswing.