Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Skill ...... I hope!

Simple embroidery. I don't know many fancy stitches yet but I'd like to learn. I have a couple books to help. This one is just a running stem stitch. I found the pattern here NeedleCrafter.I've done embroidery before but never really kept it up. I ordered the large flour sack towels from AmericanChairStore. I know it doesn't sound like a place for dishtowels but these are really nice ones and perfect for this purpose. I want to use these and not just hang them for looks!

I'll have a knitted finished project very soon!


Junie Moon said...

Your embroidered towel is really pretty and I'm so glad you're going to put it to use. I don't believe in keeping things for their looks because they are "precious." I think each of us is precious and life is short, so each second is precious, too. Why not celebrate life by using the beautiful things we make or buy?

cate said...

OOhhhhh, that is gorgeous. You told me about it, but I just now looked. You are so talented. c

Gumbo Lily said...

Cute! You did a terrific job Diana! I love the "American Chair towels" too.

Happy stitching.