Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Yarn Shop .......... Been there!

'Happy Feet' by Plymouth Yarn, a generous 192 yards of merino fingering weight at $6, Wow! It's going to be the Forest Canopy Shawl found here . That was my purchase today on my first visit to our new local yarn shop, "Knitter's Knook". A very nice place! Becky, the owner is also knitting this shawl from the same yarn (different color) so I am assured it will turn out wonderful! I've even casted on already and done 16 rows!
I know I've become to predictable in my colors. I should have gotten some blues. I think we just get into a habit of gravitating to certain colors. Blue will be next. I promise myself!
My vest from 'Knit N Style' magazine is blocking. Notice the color? And even the color of the quilt it's blocking on? Geez! So, next post will be the finished vest and a pic of the back of it, the best part!!


Dianne said...

Hi Diana,
Great purchase and The Forest Canopy is gorgeous!!
It was super nice to meet you today..I'm Dianne..

Rose Red said...

The shawl will be lovely in that yarn!

It is hard to steer away from your favourite colours isn't it. But I guess that's why they are your favourites! You know you will like the end product!

Gumbo Lily said...

It must be your signature color. Nothing wrong with that, lady!

I just love looking at your knitting projects.


KnitNana said...

Yes, you are predictable and while you look great in that color (all the fall colors, actually) you really MUST expand your color horizons and BLUE is the perfect choice!