Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's not so bad....

I got inspired again to knit on my Icelandic Shawl. But as I was knitting away I noticed the patterning just wasn't right. Misaligned. So because I'm the knitter that I am I canned the whole thing! Last week at our local knit/spin meeting my knitter friends called me 'OCD'. My Ravelry name is "Knitegrity" (integrity knitting with no boo boos that I can help). I guess I just proved it! Anyone else that way or do you just get on with your knitting and leave the mistake as a sign of it's 'character'? I have done that but not often. Now I've got all that Jaggerspun Maine Line yarn all skeined up again waiting to be something else.

Since I'm on a frogging spree I also had a jaywalker sock meet it's demise. The pattern looks neat but it has no 'give'. Besides I was inspired today by Marguerite at Stitches of Violet with her basic k7p1 socks so I cast on with a size 0. I am using Austerman Stepp in earthtone colors. I'll post a picture when I get a little up the leg.

I feel pretty good after all that yarn winding! At least I have one less project on needles and I can concentrate on what I do have going, 2 sweaters, a shawl, and socks. Setting out in my view though with yarn and patterns in a pile are a few more things that I won't bother mentioning! YET!

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Junie Moon said...

I'm a tad OCD about whatever I'm doing, too. I'm not sure OCD is really accurate, though; it's more a trying to do things the right way as it would always be in the back of my mind that I know there are mistakes and that would bug me. So frogging or doing things over seems normal and the right thing to do.