Friday, June 29, 2007

New critter..............

What do you think? Isn't he cute? My husband carved him for me! The wood is called Paduke and it is naturally red. I haven't thought of an appropriate bear name yet. For now he is snooping around my knitting essentials and keeping me company. Maybe a sheep next!! I have actually asked him to carve me a folk art nativity scene. That will be so special and likely a family heirloom!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitting rule applies to quilting!

Buy the fabric you need all at once just like yarn! Today I finally finished piecing the quilt for my sisters 25Th wedding anniversary which was several weeks ago! I bought 2 fabrics for the border then today decided to use only one of them. Made a quick trip to the quilt shop to get more of the one fabric I'd chosen. There was none left. The owner as kind enough to open a kit they had made up using this particular fabric and sell me the 1/4 yard. That was it in the entire store. I said several times that it was fine I'd come up with another idea but she insisted. Wow! So I was thinking I could get two 5 inch strips but only got one.
I had some scrap strips so I pieced and the strip here is what's left. Close call. Now I need to call the gal that is going to machine quilt it for me. It's so busy that hand quilting wouldn't show my efforts so a machine stippling or meandering stitch is what I'm after. The quilt is much prettier than it appears here. After batting and binding it will be even better!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I hate lazy, I hate idleness and I hate.....

when I have wasted time too! Especially on a knitted sweater that was 1/4th of the way finished and I have had to rip the entire thing! Don't try to talk me out of it. I have done the deed. You see at the end of 76 rows I was supposed to have 14 inches of sweater. I had 11. Just add some you say. Well, then the cables wouldn't be in the correct position. What sweater? See post on May 16th.

You know when you get the flu bug and you begin to vomit? (Sorry but there is no nice way to say that.) You tend to remember what you ate last and never want to eat it again or at least for a very long time and even when you do the memory comes back. Example: Vomiting gobs of cantaloupe when I was pregnant with my first son and he just turned 24 Wednesday. I like cantaloupe but when will that memory ever leave me?

OK, the reason for all that explanation is that I don't want to look at this yarn ever again! It's fine yarn, really but I don't want to knit with it for a long time. I don't need additional stash! How about you? You need 10 skeins of Knitpicks Shine/Sport? I'll give you deal!

Sport weight, 60% pima cotton, 40% modal, 110 yards, gauge is 6 sts/inch on 3 - 5 needles , machine washable, color is RIVER. The picture is true to it's color. As you can see 2 skeins were knit and I have put them in a center pull ball with my trusty homemade pvc pipe ball winder! The yarn sells for $2.49/skein. So that's about $25.00 for them retail plus whatever Knitpicks charges for shipping. Granted 2 are used so $18.00 which will include shipping in USA. Good yes? Email me at readmom at cox dot net

Back to my Alice Starmore gansey. I have 16 more rows till I finish the back neck!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitter Incognito!!

My 11 year old son wanted me to show of his first knitting! He did this scarf of mostly garter stitch. It's a wool blend chunky weight yarn and I've forgotten what it's called. It was knit on size US15 Bryspun needles. Tonight he wants to cast on and knit his own washcloth! Cool huh?
Addendum: Brian's says a big 'thank you' to all who left him kudos! He is already teasing me that he got more comments than any other of my posts!!! Yikes! There's a 'sneaky' smile under that scarf!

I LOVE this pattern!!!

Not that I need to add to my list of 'To Knit' but I love this vest.

It's from the Spring issue of Knitter's magazine found here at Knitting Universe. It's called 'Walnut Twist'. I would generally never like a long sweater or vest this length but this really appeals to me and I love the color. Those that know me know that I rarely sway from autumn colors although I am trying!

Take the video tour of the summer issue! Summer Issue Tour I might have to subscribe to this magazine!

Moments later addendum: WOW! I just remembered I had some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (20%merino/80%cotton) in brown that I bought 2 years ago. I ran upstairs to check it out. I've got 5 skeins enough to knit the small which will be fine. I could even go an inch shorter! It will be perfect. The color is 'Dark Earth' ..... that works! Oh my, I don't need to cast on anything else!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Day in the Life of YOU!

I've got to know! How do all you fiendish knitters do it all? I see completed projects (on other blogs) in record time even! Some have jobs, children, and even stay at home moms like myself although I homeschool as well. When do you fit in your knitting? What other fun things occupy your time? How do you divide it all? Knitting, spinning, reading, athletics, other handwork talents, etc.
Me, I tend to knit after 10pm. I read or knit when I'm waiting on appointments for kids, ball practices, traffic lights!!! Yikes! Tell me. Please!
THANK YOU to all who responded. It seems I am not alone! I think if we listened carefully we could hear the sound of needles clicking all around the world in the wee hours. It could one day over power the crickets!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here we go! I am getting better at this. Here I have taken the picture it seems all spinners take. The bobbin, the newly spun yarn propped over a coin. I still have a ways to go. The other night at our local spin/knit group I purchased some wonderfully beautiful roving (left) called 'Meridian Rainbow' from Dave Simpson who is a master in color and spinning. It's like being in color heaven! His place is about an hour from here and he graciously visits our little 'growing' group a couple times a year. Can you believe I bought blues? I am so proud of myself even though there are some autumn colors in it! I understand the smart spinners stock up when he comes. When I'm a better spinner that I will definitely do.

The above photo on the bobbin is spun from a batt Kary so graciously gifted me! She's a color whiz as well and turns out some fabulously silky soft fiber ready to spin. Check her out. This gal is an artist! Be sure to check her blog and eBay store, "The Knotty Sheep".

Monday, June 4, 2007

Soy Socks!

Of course displayed with the help of a soy sauce bottle! I'm knitting on the fabulous "Monkey" socks at Knitty. It's really a great pattern and so easy. The sock yarn was given to me by my knitting fiend sister who doesn't want to knit anything twice therefore she gave up on socks! What yarn is this? I don't know but I love these colors. Its a huge skein. I am still not to the point where another sock was frogged! You can see yarn still wrapped around the skein.
Cookie A. the creator of these and several other marvelous sock designs is quite the talent. See for yourself Cookie's Talent. As a result I had to purchase the Rhiannon Socks and the Twisted Flower Socks! I even have some Louet Gem already for the Twisted Flowers.