Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitting rule applies to quilting!

Buy the fabric you need all at once just like yarn! Today I finally finished piecing the quilt for my sisters 25Th wedding anniversary which was several weeks ago! I bought 2 fabrics for the border then today decided to use only one of them. Made a quick trip to the quilt shop to get more of the one fabric I'd chosen. There was none left. The owner as kind enough to open a kit they had made up using this particular fabric and sell me the 1/4 yard. That was it in the entire store. I said several times that it was fine I'd come up with another idea but she insisted. Wow! So I was thinking I could get two 5 inch strips but only got one.
I had some scrap strips so I pieced and the strip here is what's left. Close call. Now I need to call the gal that is going to machine quilt it for me. It's so busy that hand quilting wouldn't show my efforts so a machine stippling or meandering stitch is what I'm after. The quilt is much prettier than it appears here. After batting and binding it will be even better!


Nikki said...

That's very pretty.

KnitNana said...

AH Diana! FINALLY!!!! I know you've been so hard at work on this, and it's just lovely! (But then I saw the fabrics at the beginning and the first blocks, too, and just KNEW it would be wonderful)

Always buy that extra yard. I've learned. So what if you have leftovers? You quilt - you'll use them!!! Evenutally!
I know you're proud - you should be!

Kary said...

Awesome, Diana! She will LOVE it! Congratulations on a terrific job.
Can I say AWEsome again? :)

cate said...

Maybe someday I will quilt!!! Gorgeous, just like you.

lisar said...

Wow! This is amazing! I can only imagine the work cutting and stitching all those pieces. Make me one for my 25th? :)

JenBin said...

It's beautiful!