Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making progress!

Just so you know I am indeed making progress I thought I'd post some pictures even if it is a wee bit. My Icelandic shawl. So far so good it's going to be nice. The Karabella Traveling Cables cardigan, the left front. Remember the back is finished. "Someone's" merino-silk scarf, in a deep purple one skein knitted another to go. Not pictured are jaywalker socks, a Christmas stocking, Starmore sweater, a second pair of fetchings for a gift and a Mission Falls fair isle bag (2nd one). And finally being knit in my mind is the Pearl Buck Swing jacket mentioned in the last post, a shawl knitted with some Peace Fleece I have, several socks patterns that I have yarn for, a ribbed cardigan, another cardigan in some grey and red Debbie Bliss merino that I haven't the pattern for yet. AND I long to get to some crocheting too. It seems I get 'on a roll' with one thing for a few days then I pick up something else. I really want to finish something!

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Rose Red said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have quite a few things on the go and seems like I haven't finished anything for ages, but yet have so many more things I want to knit AND have the yarn for (and so am knitting them in my head!!)