Friday, April 6, 2007


I know you're thinking, "Is she sure she's not Jewish, I mean first a post on 'Shalom' and now 'Passover'. Well, it seems to me that lots of wonderful things have been forgotten by Christians that come from our Jewish heritage. Passover is one of them. My understanding is that we should have never forsaken the Feasts. 1Cor. 5:7-8 "....let us celebrate the feasts......." There is so much Messianic significance. Jesus is woven all through the meaning of Passover. When I first learned of all this about 5 years ago I was just in awe and so excited to make this celebration part of our family's tradition. My kids love it! I want to briefly share why and how Jesus fits right into Passover. Perhaps it will get you thinking and maybe you will have a Passover Seder at your home next year.
For the Jewish people Passover is the celebration of freedom from Egyptian slavery, the book of Exodus. For Christians it's also a celebration of freedom. The freedom we receive through Jesus Christ.
As the Passover lamb is without blemish so Jesus was found without blemish by the religious leaders. The Passover lamb is a male of the first year. Jesus was the firstborn Son of God. The lamb is killed at 3:00 P.M. Jesus died in the seventh hour, 3:00 P.M. The lambs bones were not broken. Jesus' bones were not broken. The blood of the lamb applied to the doorposts saved the Israelites' firstborn. The blood of Jesus Christ saves us. The body of the lamb must be eaten the same night. Jesus was crucified, suffered and died in the same night. No work was to be done on Passover. The Israelites could not save themselves. If they had not obeyed God's command of placing the lamb's blood on their doors their firstborns would have been killed. The blood of Jesus saves us not our works. The added gift for us is............ Jesus is Risen and with us forever!

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Sombra said...

Ahhh a balm to my soul is the rememberance of Our Lord through the feast of Passover. Baruch Ata Adonai - Bless the Lord!

Diana, this is wonderful. I see your passion for the Risen Lord through your post, to seek His face in all you do, and remember every word He has spoken to us.

This is a perpetual feast, for All your generations - and you Diana have Not forsaken this.

As I type, my baby is crawling on my lap, with nutella on matzah for lunch.. now I'm goopy! but he smells so sweet.

I have a few passover posts on my blog