Sunday, April 8, 2007

I'm give'n up!!!

The over-the-knee stockings from Handknit Holidays that I made such a big deal about? Well, I'm frogging! I have started this one stocking three times now. I can't get rid of the 'ladder' at each of the four corners trying a few different possible solutions. I've knit lots of socks before too. Maybe because it's just straight knit and no other stitches, other than the lace down the center of the back of the leg but that doesn't affect the 'ladders'. The yarn is Rowan Cashsoft, is it the yarn? I tried taking a pic but it just didn't turn out. It's late and the flash was making it too bright.
I'm thinking of switching to the Austrian knee socks in the book, Socks, Socks, Socks. It's a whole lot more stitches, cables, etc. See Eunny's socks. I can't find whether she finished them but I'm sure she did. The socks of her dreams she says and I think they will be mine too! A real challenge but I'm sure they won't have the 'ladder' problem!!


Robin said...

Hey Diane,
have you tried to make sure you pull the stitch between the needles tighter than the rest?

Diana said...

Yep, I've done that with the first stitch and the second an also knit them off with the same needle then moved them back to the new needle.
I'm ok with quitting! I don't care for all that plain knit fabric anyway!