Friday, February 23, 2007

Yum, Yum! No, not yarn!!!

BREAD!! I love to bake bread and used to do a lot more of it and I'm thinking I need to get back in gear. This bread is the "No Knead" bread that has been circulating the Internet since an article appeared in the NY Times last November. Here's where you can find the recipe:
Lahey's No Knead Bread
The bread is absolutely wonderful. Nice and crunchy on the outside and a soft inside. The trick is baking it in cast iron! It's so easy too. When that lovely loaf came out of my oven I felt like a pro!!! I've only made it twice so far. The first rise is 18 hours, Yikes! So, I keep forgetting to start it in time for the next evening. Give it a try. You really can't mess it up! Check out the NY Times video on the How To's: Bread Video Your family will be so impressed!


cate said...

My cast iron skillet is HUGE. I don't know if it would work in there. It would probably spread too much. I'm just gonna have to play with it. Sounds like a sourdough type. catie

Wool Winder said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Your bread looks yummy! I can almost smell it from here. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

clarice said...

You bread looks amazing. By the way I use a very wide pan the bread never touches the sides and the dough does not spread too much. You have to try 1/4 cup of rye flour it adds this wounderful tange. Clarice