Saturday, February 24, 2007

Knit socks turned UGLY!

How can it be? When they get a huge hole in the heel! See that dark smudge at the top right? Yuk!! Can you believe I have about 5 pairs of socks in need of darning? I did buy some antique darning eggs off eBay a while back just to prepare. There are even great directions online to darn. I've made copies! Just haven't tackled the job yet. I'm not sure what happened that I acquired holes. These were knit a few years ago. Maybe I didn't use a wool/nylon blend. Of course I would now. If you are not using a yarn specified for socks that has nylon content always, always carry along nylon reinforcing thread. At one time I bought several colors from It's called, Schoeller Esslinger Stopf-und Beilaufgarn. Somehow that means wool/nylon reinforcing thread!!I tried to give you a link but it just isn't working.
I think one of my favorite sock yarns for durability is Regia. I am wanting to try the Austermann Step. Has anyone knit with that yet and do you love it? I think Nanette gets my vote for a fabulous sock knitter! Her talent and eye for color has got to be my sock goal in life!!!


gail said...

Even when I use wool/nylon yarn, I carry along a strand of "wooly nylon" thread. I reinforce the soles of my socks by using this thread to knit while working the sole and just stranding it across when working the instep. I snip the thread and trim it close. I've done this for years and not one of my socks has developed a hole!! I watch my socks for wearing thin, and then use duplicate stitch to reinforce. Much easier than repairing a hole!

Diana said...
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Birdsong said...

I found that there really wasn't a way to avoid holes eventually... just like with well-worn commercial socks. DH still has a few that went through multiple mends. I think that was why Elizabeth Zimmerman "unvented" the sock that you could resole.. though I have never tried that pattern. Good luck with darning - a great project for while watching TV.