Friday, November 27, 2009

The Starmore "Kinsale" is finished!

More that a few years in the making because of course I have knit many other things. I finally met a goal that I set to wear it on Thanksgiving. Wednesday night I was sewing seams. Just before putting it on I steamed the seams and I don't plan on doing any other blocking. I love it! The changes I made were picking up stitches for the sleeves. I did not want to sew in sleeves! Also, it was knit a little shorter. I didn't want the tunic length.
Now, for another Starmore pattern! And for those that hadn't read about this on my blog before it's called the "Kinsale" by Alice Starmore and can be found in her book, "Fisherman's Sweaters".


KnitNana said...

Here is your **standing ovation!**

I'm so proud of you! I know it's been a chore occasionally, but that sweater is fabulous!

Anonymous said...


(one day, you will teach me how to knit.) ;-)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful addition to your wardrobe! Absolutely gorgeous! You should be proud!

-- Alice

Dianne said...

What a nice accomplishment!
It looks totally awesome..
This will be a sweater you will enjoy for a long while...great going Diana.

Rose Red said...

It's fabulous! Great idea to set yourself a goal to finish it. Looks great!

whorlwindweaver said...

Gorgeous Kinsale! I love your other knititng projects also. Beautiful work.