Monday, November 9, 2009

A hidden gold mine!!

A few days ago my dryer broke. It would run but not get hot. Since it's about 30+ years old I didn't think I should bother with repairing it. Checked Craigs list and saw one for $200 but a new one at Sears was $303. A local appliance store had used ones from $100. I had to think on all that. Then yesterday a friend called and she knew someone needing to get rid of one setting in an empty house. He'd sell it for $15! That's my kid of deal and it had to be newer than the current one in the harvest gold color!! What 1960's or 70's you think?

So .... my $15 dryer was delivered today. Delivered! White, clean and my favorite a Kenmore. I didn't even have to make arrangements for one of my sons to get it with their truck. I gave the guy $20 and still felt bad but we're currently strapped financially. Here's the fun part. When moving the old one we heard a very loud noise and thought it was rocks inside. We took the back cover off and found some pocket change. Gave it another shake and out comes more change. Turned it another way and here comes more!! After several shakes we ended up with $14.35. What a fun memory. All 5 of us standing around the dryer wondering how much would fall out next. You might want to go check your dryer!

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KnitNana said...

So that means, the new one really cost you $5.65?