Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our vacation turned out very nice. Tropical Storm Hanna did her little thing and moved on and left Sunset Beach, SC just in time for our arrival. We had a week of great weather for the guys fishing from the pier and my walking on the beach in the mornings and even nights by moonlight.

I have a fabulous story to share. I was walking on the beach the first morning we were there. In the distance was a man coming my direction that stopped and I could see him drawing a line in the sand with his foot. When he approached me he stopped and ask, "Did you see me draw a line in the sand?" "Yes, I did," I said as I was smiling but surely looking perplexed. He then said, "If you look at the end of the line you will find a sand dollar. I thought you might like the pleasure of finding it." WOW! I thanked him and walked on and there it was, untouched. I picked it up and looked back at him and we waved. Isn't that wonderful? I was so touched by that and have thought of it almost daily since. I have the sand dollar in a special case with others that I have found while on vacation. I forgot to add it to my collection picture on the table. I had it in a secure place you know! So, here's a picture of it after I'd gotten it home.

The wood boardwalk is how we get to the beach. It's new this year. It used to be a grassy path. Most beach houses have names and ours is "When Pigs Fly". Check out the 2 sea stars! Finding those was due to the storm Hanna washing them into an inlet where the boats go out into the ocean. It's always the best place for shells. Unfortunately they are dying and not able to get back out to sea and some already dead.

Walking on the beach at night is my favorite time. I go late so most times I am totally alone, no one as far as I can see. One night I saw three fox and deer on the dunes. In the eight years we've been I have never seen those animals there. We always do feed raccoon in the backyard late at night with leftovers. I saw three that came one night to eat. Even had a fox come for dinner too! Feeding the seagulls is something we always do too. The bread we throw doesn't even make it to the sand. They eat in flight. The wildlife is always a surprise each year.

I hope we can afford the gas to get there next year!


Rose Red said...

sounds lovely!

Leslie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and I am enjoying your lovely pictures. Glad Hanna cooperated with your visit! Welcome home!