Friday, September 5, 2008

The Flax lace washcloth turned out nice. I hope it will be as fine as one I use knit in Euroflax Linen. This is Fibranatura Flax a much less expensive yarn. The soap pictured is handmade by Catie. So, I am being double treated with a lacey handknit washcloth and luscious handmade soap!

We are heading into hurricane country tomorrow morning. Where we are staying Sunset Beach, NC is currently under mandatory evacuation!! This should be lifted before we get there tomorrow afternoon. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna should become a problem for that area late tonight or very early in the morning. We were there in 2003 for Hurricane Isabel. It was a voluntary evacuation so we stayed. They have to do that because of the bridge access to the area. It has to be tied open when there are high winds. Once they do that there is no entering or leaving Sunset Beach! We really need this vacation and no one needs a hurricane!


Alice said...

Pretty-- enjoy them both on your vaca!

Deb-VA said...

Love this washcloth! Recently bought some Euroflex Linen & NaturLin that would be great. Let me go queue it now. Have a great vacation - winds & all. Y'all deserve it.


Junie Moon said...

I have those washcloths on my to-do list. Over the weekend, I knitted a bunch of cloths using cotton yarns and am now looking for the yarn you're using.

I hope all went well with your vacation. I've been to Sunset Beach. I'm from the Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach area and still have mnay family members there, so I know full well the impact hurricanes have.