Friday, February 15, 2008

To Magnify...........

Can you guess? That's my magnifying glass of course! This is what it takes to thread a needle these days. I've been noticing so many great sewing projects on some wonderful blogs that I want to SEW SOMETHING. What? I'm not so sure. I'll be thinking about that. Check these blogs for some sewing finesse:
DianeStavola my quilting mentor!
Gumbo-Lily great enbroidery too!

Esther here is displaying my newest acquisition of gorgeous yarn to magnify my stash. That's Queensland Kathmandu DK in yellow tweed with flecks of all the rainbow colors. I love this yarn but then I am partial to tweeds. I thought 12 skeins should do the trick. WEBS offered a deal I couldn't pass up. So, now I need a pattern!


Rose Red said...

Nice yarn - will be interested to see what you decide to make with it!

suzann at textilefusion said...

Cute magnifying glass! You inspired me to get one, too--squinting and bright light just don't seem to work anymore!

Junie Moon said...

What gorgeous yarn! I'm having trouble threading my needles, too. Having worn bifocals since I was in 4th grade, my eyes are really tasked when it comes to doing fine work.

nova said...

You could always sew a bag, simple yet functional...very quick! Nice yarn!