Saturday, February 9, 2008

This can be a quick knit if you aren't knitting a half dozen other things at the same time. It's Mac & Me Ruffle Scarf 050 pattern. She also has a shawl that is very similar. Our LYS, Needle on the Square has the shawl knit up and it's quite elegant. Blue Sky Aplaca/Silk, DK on 4 & 6 needles. You know how I 'have' to change something? The row of eyelet (yo, k2tog) was added. It's on the shawl pattern but not this one and I think it adds to the lacey elegance of the scarf. Of course I didn't add it to the first ruffle, it was an after thought but I am NOT going to take it out now.


KnitNana said...

This is so pretty! Loved seeing it "for real" at Knit Night.

Veggies.... said...

What a beautiful scarf!!!