Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still frogging...........

Well, not my bag but other important pieces of knitting. I wanted to knit a Sivia Harding scarf for a certain person. I'd already knit the pattern so this would be the second. (first scarf I used a fingering weight) So I tried some Kid Merino/Mohair by Crystal Palace. The pattern called for Rowan Kidsilk Haze so it's definitely comparable. It also has beads. All good except I hate mohair!!! Gosh, this stuff was the thread from H E L L. Sorry but it wasn't for me. I love the color, love the feel of the skein but knitting with it was not so good. What you see here no longer exists. I had to literally cut it off the needles! The yarn wouldn't go over the join area well at all. I also learned I would need pointier needles! I was told by Knitnana that I needed Addi Lace Needles. She ought to know!

So, I find something else that I have on hand. Yes, I am trying so hard to use up stash. I get out this Berroco called Sprite, it's ancient! It's cotton, rayon and nylon, colorful and kinda hairy in it's own way. In fact the 'threads' sticking out all over it was a nuisance. I knit about 25 rows, my beads won't work either and I might not have enough yarn since I'm using a size 8! Stop laughing!!!! Back to square one. I do have some fingering weight Peruvian alpaca/silk in a camel from Elann. That will work because the first scarf I knit was in a camel too but different yarn, Lorna's Laces! Twice is a charm, right? I start knitting that one earlier today and BANG, it occurs to me that the person this is for is not gonna like 'camel' at all. She's too flashy for that color. So after this post publishes I am off to Knitpicks for SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK and hopefully works with beads I already have too!

The Kid Mohair is soon to make it's way across these United States to Ericah's Apparently she has more patience than I do and I am more than happy to pass it on to a good home! 2 skeins flying to San Francisco!!! Wasn't that fun? And it didn't even involve a contest!!!


ericah64 said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard time with the Kid Merino, but I'll be eagerly watching my mailbox for it! Squee!

-- Erica in South San Francisco

Rose Red said...

Yes, you and me both with the yarn/pattern issues at the moment!

I think with mohair you pretty much either love it or hate it!

Robin said...

Bummer! Don't you just hate it when you're already to knit and the yarn planets are just not in alignment?!?!? I'm sure KnitPicks will have something that will work. Now, you get the fun of looking and I dare you to JUST order the scarf yarn!! LOL!

KnitNana said...

Try one of KP's laceweigts - I'd suggest Gossamer or Shadow (both are merino) or perhaps Shimmer (silk blend) or Alpaca Cloud.

I'm remember that laceweight isn't your preference, but with beads and Sivia's pattern any of them would look lovely!

And yes, get thee Addi Lace needles!!! :)

Lauren said...

I just bought Kid's Haze today. I hope I can deal with it. I want to make quick scarves and I think this fluff will knit quick. I think you are supposed to put it in the freezer but I forgot why or when. Maybe to untangle..