Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are all vacations wonderful?

I'm sure there are vacation horror stories but my guess is that most are indeed wonderful. We go to Sunset Beach a nice quiet non-commercial beach north of the very commercial Myrtle Beach. Sunset is actually in North Carolina. It was our 7th year and we stay in the same house too.

As for knitting. I did a lot of frogging!!! Mainly because I just didn't read directions but I won't go into all that. I did progress on the left front of my Karabella cardigan and the top of another Mission Falls bag. Most of my knitting was done on the screened in front porch.

Reading: I finished a great book! "Follow the River" by James Alexander Thom. It's an historical fiction about the true ordeal of Mary Draper Ingles of the New River Valley a place about an hour from me. This woman was kidnapped by Shawnee Indians in 1755. She escaped and found her way home. Amazing story. Every page was exciting, really!! Adventure stories are probably my favorite. I did most of my reading on the beach.

How about some pictures!

Sunrise at Sunset Beach!

This is the path we take to the beach each day. I'm walking back to the house so the ocean is behind me. All we have to do is cross the street to this path and the oceanfront is right at the end. I love the rustic feel of this place. We see frogs and lizards among the tall grasses.

One of the most exciting things I saw was a single sea turtle make it's way from the nest to the ocean! It was about the size of a newborn's foot! So cute. Several people were standing around watching and giving cheers to 'Tina' the baby sea turtle. The next night, last night, and I was home by then but they were going to excavate and help the others along too. I bet that's a site to see hundreds at once!


Annie said...

I've heard such good things about Sunset Beach. We should go sometime. We usually go south of Myrtle Beach. And I've always read about the sea turtles, but never actually seen one. You're so lucky!

KnitNana said...

Are you wearing a long sleeved shirt? Surely it was lovely weather? It was certainly HOT here!
Glad you had a great time. All vacations SHOULD be great, but sometimes...that's not the case, I know!