Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thrift store jackpot!!

It was on my 'Hope to Find Wish List' and it came true today. A Le Creuset cast iron 2 1/2 Qt. pot! It's color is Chestnut Brown which is now discontinued. I bake wonderful artisan crusty bread in my larger Le Creuset and this one will get lots of use as well. Check them out Le Creuset

Another great find is an almost new Bialetti Espresso maker. Came with it's box but lacking the 2 cups and saucers. Bialetti


Gumbo Lily said...

SCORE! How exciting to find just what you've been wanting.


BeanMama said...

I picked up a Le Creuset pot just like that a few months ago, but it's a bright cobalt blue. How do you make bread in it? I'm fascinated!! Great find, gorgeous pot. I love all my Le Creuset pieces (and I've gotten them all at the thrifts!)

Anonymous said...

very nice and a bargain!!!

Rose Red said...

Oh great finds! I'd love to find a Le Creuset casserole dish in a thrift store!! Guess I'll have to hold out for one on sale (and of course, I'd really love one in red!)

KnitNana said...

Terrific bargains!!! Congrats!