Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cardigan

It's coming along. Knitting on the sleeves now and doing them at the same time on one circular needle so at least it seems to be going a bit faster. I like the two tones and the 'RAG' look. The pattern is the 'Must Have Cardigan' by Paton's and I'm using Cascade's Ecological Wool.
I'm sending the pattern book on to my Aussie friend RoseRedShoes. She wants to knit one too and doesn't have easy access to the pattern. Check her blog. She's a great knitter and so much fun.

A photo with the sleeves very soon!


Rose Red said...

How exciting is it to be almost finished such a great pattern! I guess you are coming into summer so won't be able to wear it for a while but how exciting!

And thanks for the shoutout! (and the pattern, of course - very excited!)

pat said...

I love your 2 toned Must Have Cardi!
I made a 1 toned MHC a few years back and still love it and wear it all winter long!

Dianne said...

Very pretty!!..I'm so pleased you found your yarn..lol