Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We finally got some...............

SNOW! Not the depths like you westerners or upstate people but for us a nice treat. 4-5 inches at the most. Our schools get all crazy when the white stuff falls and were closed yesterday as well as today!
The tree is a beautiful Blue Spruce that I planted in my front yard a few years ago in place of a Dogwood that had died. At that time it wasn't quite 3 feet and now it is well over 5 feet. I live on a fantastic street in town with a view. There are no houses directly across the street but a stone wall like you would see along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We can see the far off mountain range and the downtown lights at night. Also, at night when you are able to open the windows you can hear the distant train run along the tracks. I do love that sound. It's quite soothing at bedtime.
Today's a good day for hot tea and knitting by the wood stove.

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Anonymous said...

We had snow falling on Sat night, then a bit on Sun. DH woke up this morning with it snowing and it snowed again about 5 pm. none of it stuck around. In Spokane WA this winter they have gotten over 6' of snow and are still expecting more. I'm ready for warmer weather when I can open the bedroom window and hear the far off train whistle and I miss going to the beach.