Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alright, Already!!

A certain SOMEONE was bugging me to post this future project of mine. I got the yarn recently at Knitters Knook. Her fabulous 40% off sale! When I'll start I'm not real sure. I just counted the things I want to knit that I do have the yarn for and it was 5. A low number in comparison to some of you crazed knitters! It's a Mission Falls pattern from this book pictured. It's a neat book too. One cover is the 'Hers' and flip it over and the 'His'. The colors in the pattern picture weren't available so I chose these. The body will be the red. As you may remember I am trying to change from my typical autumn choices. I did have the dark green as the body choice but the same certain someone reminded me that I'd knit a dark green sweater already. I'm loving the red!


Robin said...

Finally...thanks Catie, now can I have my thumb screws back?

I LOVE this sweater! It's going to be amazing!

cate said...

Thank you so much for posting your new project. I was dying to have another look! I want to knit a fair isle too!!!! That was why I was after you so much! catie